Putting it All Together

Finally, now that we've learned the different parts of the Ethereum blockchain, we can step back and see the larger picture and understand how everything fits together.

EthOn [Resource]

EthOn, created by the Alethio spoke of ConsenSys, is one of the most valuable resources when working with the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a formal ontology to describe each concept in the Ethereum and their relationships with each other. Bookmark this page in order to have it as a handy resource to quickly lookup any Ethereum blockchain concept you run across and are unfamiliar with.

EthOn Illustrations [Resource]

Along with the formal ontology, EthOn also provides a number of amazing diagrams showing the relationships between different Ethereum blockchain concepts. Take a look through all of the diagrams on this page. If you still have more room on your wall, feel free to pin these up as well!

(Optional) Ethereum Yellowpaper [90 min read]

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. The Ethereum Yellowpaper, written by Dr. Gavin Wood, is the document in which the entire Ethereum protocol was formalized and recorded. It is heavy with mathematical notation and is quite dense, but once you read it, you will have a deeper understanding of Ethereum than the majority of developers out there.

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