Front End

While this guidebook is focused on smart contract development, a large portion of successful dapp development is the front end - the user interface. In this section, we provide introduction to interacting your smart contracts with a useable frontend, and introduce the resources for front end development.

Building and Testing a Frontend App with Truffle - Truffle Tutorials [Exercise]

A brief exercise on building a frontend using Truffle

Returning to the Pet Shop - Truffle Tutorials [Exercise]

Picking up where we left off in the Pet Shop Truffle tutorial in the subsection Introductory Contracts, we will now build the UI that will allow our users to interact with the smart contract we built.

The ultimate end-to-end tutorial to create and deploy a fully decentralized Dapp in ethereum - Merunas Grincalaitis, 2017 [22 min read and Exercise]

To continue to build our skills, we will work our way through this tutorial to build a dapp that allows an end user "bet" via a casino-game application.

Additional Material
JavaScript API - Ethereum GitHub [Documentation]

Documentation on setting up web3.js and the reference material for using the JavaScript API

JSON RPC - Ethereum GitHub [Documentation]

Documentation on the JSON Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol.

web3.js - Ethereum JavaScript API - web3.js Documentation [Documentation]

Documentation for the currently unreleased web3.js 1.0 collection of libraries

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