Step-by-Step Guide: Getting Started with Ethereum Mist Wallet - Attores Pte Ltd Medium, 2016 [Exercise]

Unlike most other blockchains, Ethereum has multiple clients that can sync the Ethereum blockchain. While the Parity client is very powerful and fast, because most external resources are written for Go-Ethereum (geth), we will be installing and using this client.This tutorial will walk you through downloading and installing the Mist Wallet, which comes bundled with the Geth client.

How to enable and mine Testnet (Morden)? - Ethereum StackExchange, 2016 [Exercise]

By default, Mist connects to the Geth client. However, for testing purposes, it is nice to be able to use it with your private TestRPC network. This will be especially useful for the next tutorial.

Create your own CRYPTO-CURRENCY with Ethereum - Ethereum.org [Exercise]

Now that we have Mist and Geth installed, let's try to use them to make a simple token by following this tutorial from the Ethereum Foundation website.

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