How To Contribute!

First of all, thanks for contributing! One of the things that makes the Ethereum community so wonderful is their willingness to collaborate to make some wonderful tools for others to learn.

I found a link that does not work, or leads to an outdated tutorial!

Sadly, time slows for no one. Things break, code does not compile, and our docs become less-and-less useful. If you find a link that fits this description, please do the two following things.

First, report the issue on GitBooks. Second, if you have the time (and want to do a good deed for the community) consider finding a replacement resource!

I want to add a page

Please format the page similarly to how we do so. Please make sure the resources are all up-to-date, and put some thought into where the page fits best.

We are happy to accept all worthwhile submissions! :) Cheers!

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