Assumes: Ethereum Basics

There are two types of accounts: regular, public/private key controlled accounts, and smart contracts. Here, we will explore both types of accounts - how they work and what they do.

Whitepaper: Ethereum Accounts - Ethereum Wiki [2 min read]

Begin by reading the Ethereum Accounts section of the Ethereum Whitepaper to understand the fields each Ethereum account has as well as what the two types of Ethereum accounts are.

Account States - Matt Thomas, 2017 [5 min video]

This section of this video by Matt Thomas will further delve into the concept of Accounts in Ethereum explaining the differences between Bitcoin addresses and Ethereum accounts, the distinction between Externally Controlled Accounts and Contract Accounts, and introducing the concept of Account State.

Accounts, Transactions, Gas and Block Gas Limits in Ethereum - Hudson Jameson, 2017 [3 min read]

Read the section titled "What are Accounts?" of Hudson Jameson's article to get a written recap of the distinction between Externally Owned Accounts and Contract Accounts.

Account States - Matt Thomas, 2017 [4 min video]

This next clip in Matt Thomas's video will give us a brief introduction into smart contracts and analogize them to Java classes.

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