Diving into Ethereum and Dapp Development

Welcome aspiring Ethereum developer!

This is a comprehensive guide, from zero to hero, in decentralized application development on the Ethereum blockchain. This program is suitable for anyone with mild development experience, and with a small amount of background knowledge on how blockchains work. It also assumes basic knowledge of the command line and JavaScript. Please note only the basics are needed, and they can be picked up very quickly.

This guide will not be structured as book or a single tutorial. Rather, it should be thought of as an index of knowledge and resources. The blockchain industry is a collaborative industry, and as such, this guide will consist largely of links to material created and published by other members of the community, some from within ConsenSys and some not.

Huge thanks to the entire ConsenSys team for helping develop this guide. The following individuals were key to writing and creating the content that appears in this book:

Sunny Aggarwal

Nate Rush

Ilan Ben-Brith

Thomas Hay

TODO: Add other contributors

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