All blockchain technology relies on hashing. In this section, we will explore what hashing is, how blockchains use them, and why they are useful.

If you understand Hash Functions, you’ll understand Blockchains - Decentralize Today, 2016 [3 min read]

Begin by reading this short introduction to hash functions written by Sean Au on Decentralize Today. This article will provide a basic model by which to think about hashes, which will be expanded upon by further articles.

Blockchain Underpinnings: Hashing - ConsenSys, 2016 [8 min read]

This article by ConsenSys delves further into the ideas behind hashing, providing an interesting analogy comparing bits to an array of light bulbs. It goes on to explore how hash functions relate to blockchains and why they are important.

Formal Properties of Hash Functions - Blockchain at Berkeley, 2017 [12 min video]

Up until now, we've been discussing hash functions in only semi-formal terms. This video by Blockchain at Berkeley explores the formal properties of hashes in terms of preimage resistance. Furthermore, it shows these properties in an interesting use case of a commitment scheme, in using hash functions to fairly play a guessing game over the internet.

Guide: Hashing - ConsenSys, 2016 [Resource]

This infographic by Yunyun Chen of ConsenSys is a nice easy way to remember the two main properties of a hash function. Just take a quick glance at it. If you're really loving hash functions so far, maybe print it out and hang it up on your wall.

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