Contract Structure

Structure of a Contract - Solidity Documentation [2 min read]

This short section of the Solidity docs gives a quick recap of the major building blocks we've seen so far, including an extra one called events, which we will be going over soon.

Restricting Access - Solidity Documentation [2 min read]

In this section of the Solidity Docs, we will read about how to use the function modifiers that we learned about in the previous section to place restrictions on the execution of a smart contract function.

State Machine - Solidity Documentation [2 min read]

Contracts, being a part of the Ethereum system, are also designed to act as state machines. Contracts can have stages which can each have different behaviors by modifying or restricting functions based on the current stage.

Version Pragma - Solidity Documentation [4 min read]

Read just the top part of this about declaring the compiler version. We will return to the rest when we get to using libraries.

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